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  •  Indian Clouds Hosting Trends

    Cloud Hosting is a combination of web server resources. A layer of an application sits on top of cloud computing. For example, software as service (SaaS) offers licensing, billing, and other management models. Cloud Computing is the foundation of these services.   Read More 

  •  Which is better, VPS or Cloud hosting?

    The technological differences between VPS hosting and Cloud hosting have become quite a buzz in the web hosting industry. Most people tend to misunderstand the common differences between the two. This is often caused by a lack of awareness of the differentiating factors between cloud hosting and VPS hosting.    Read More 

  •  What is a VPS beginner guide?

    The term virtual private server (VPS) refers to a virtual machine that is marketed as a service. It is accomplished through web hosting. A dedicated virtual server also works in a virtual environment. But some CPU cores are dedicated to it, not VPS. Almost 20% of the CPU's efficiency can be attributed to VPS.   Read More 

  •  Turning heads in education with the help of 360-degree approach!

    Individuals' attention spans today range from 8 seconds to 10 minutes. So, how could we expect our children to absorb hours of knowledge in a single day? This clearly necessitates a paradigm shift in how education is provided, and it is not unexpected that 360-degree education has evolved as a prominent trend throughout education.   Read More